Because we are getting older and our memory is starting to fade…actually it’s not so bad, we’re just joking.
Still we thought it would be a good idea to share our trips and how we remember they happened. If you are curios to find out what’s it like to ride with us or what we’ve been up to , this is the place to check

Escape from Székely Land.Cherry soup and curvy roads.

One of our readers kept telling us about a great road to ride, that links Transylvania with Moldova, from Targu Secuiesc to Focsani. We were some years ago on that path, but the road conditions were terrible. Then, last year, the ...
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Finally the planets have aligned. First moto trip of 2016

It's already April and besides two trips to the racetrack, we haven't taken any serious road trips. So, for the first time in 2016, we manage to sync our schedules and go for a one day getaway. The lineup was: ...
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Got something to say? Let’s take it to the race track

Although we have some Rossi and Marquez wannabes in our crew, we haven't spent a lot of time on the racetrack. So at the start of the season there was an event held by a local racing school (Motoevolution Raching ...
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Pilgrimage at the holy grail. The Transfagarasan

It was a typical summer morning, with temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius. I was meeting Gabriel, who recently bought the new Z800 to take on the Tranfagarasan. We were very eager to get there, so after we filled our tanks ...
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