After my first enduro experience last year, I became more interesting about this side of riding motorcycles. Browsing the net I found out about Angelo and his website When I saw that he was present at the last Redbull Romaniacs race, showing from the inside what it’s like to ride here, I knew I had to ask him some questions about his passion and how was his romanian experience.

1.First of all , tell me a little bit about you. When did you start riding motorcycles, how did you get stuck with this passion and what was your first motorcycle ?
I’m 45years old and enduro bike is my passion since I was really young. My first moto was Cagiva WMX 125 1982 when I was 14. I start to ride with a mx bike some easy track of enduro, never motocross.

2. How did you start with enduro and why do you like it so much?:) When did you come up with the idea of starting ?
I was an off road lovers but i didn’t ride really. I start to ride real enduro when I was 30, it was about 2001 / 2002 with Honda CRE 250 then GasGas EC 300 2000 and after a GasGas EC 250 2004 , it was the year 2006.
I start to work like enduro guide in Tuscany in 2009, then I start to cooperate with some offroad magazine. I buyed a Ktm EXC 300 2010 , I rode Hellsgate, Erzberg and other races, just for fun, I’m not a real rider 🙂
Endurblogger lives from 2012, I stop to work like tour guide and after some year I decided to work for me to increase my passion. I work for Endurista Magazine and I’m a free professional producer of web contents, photos and videos.
And thanks to my sponsor I can do what I do and live of my passion. The real engine of my life.

3. Do you also ride on the roads or only off-road?If money was no object and you would have to choose only one bike for off-road and one for the road what those 2 dream bikes would be ?
I don’t really like ride on road, I think it’s too dangerous (a lot of car driver use mobile phones …), inside the forest is my home and there I ride a GasGas EC 300 2019 and it’s my favourite offroad bike.
On road I would choose the new Honda Africa Twin.

4. I saw you tried several guided tours in Italy and Greece. What did you like about that and why would you recommend people to go on this type of tours?
I don’t organize tour, I organize some event during the year (4/5) and I start to cooperate with someone just if I really like it and I enjoy that.Greece and Sardinia are part of this.
I think it’s better ride with someone that knows where is better to go or not and and also the right period to go there. Also a tour guide knows if there are problems who to call or the best way to solve a problem if there is one during a tour.
For sure there are others who prefer to ride alone and make their route all alone,but it’s another kind of tourism.

5. Also I saw you take part in a lot of races with different dificultty levels. Watching your videos it looks a lot of fun. What would be your top 3 best moments during this type of competition?
I’m not a pro rider and I love hard enduro, this year I was in Romaniacs for the first time (to make a video story telling inside the race) and I love it.

6. Speaking about competitions, I saw you at Redbull Romaniacs, competing in the Iron Class? How was the whole racing experience here? Were you for the first time here in Romania?
I was in Romania, first time in Sibiu some years ago to meet a Tour Company that want promote their tours in Italy…

7. What do you think about Romania in terms of landscapes, interactions with people? Did you get the chance to ride also on roads, like the famous Transfagarasan or Transalpina ?
I love Romania, the people and the food, the nature is a mix of a lot of different nations and I really enjoy that.
Ride On Road? Can be an idea but the road are not in a really good state I think…

8. Would you recommend others to come here in Romania and ride theirs bikes?
Yes but with my experience at the moment. I can speak just of off road.

9. What should we expect from Enduroblogger this year? Maybe we’ll see you again on the starting line of Redbull Romaniacs or maybe some enduro guided tours here in Romania?
I’m confirmed at Romaniacs 2019 , again like video story teller but I need to speak with Martin Freinademetz (the chief) and understand the best way, if in race or not.
Other planes: participate at the best off road events and races around Europe to make my job, video producer and story telling inside the race.

with Martin Freinademetz @ Redbull Romaniacs

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