Total distance: 2100km Riding days: 5

The Grand it’s the best that Romania has to offer in terms of riding roads and stunning views, throwing in the mix also a set of unique tourist attractions. We concieved this route for the pure enjoyment of the rider, bringing in the itinerary 4 of the best “trans” roads : TransSemenic, TransAlpina, TransFagarasan and TransRarau.

Things to see

Day 1 will put 512 kilometers on your bike, being the longest ride from this route. The first highlight of the day, will be the Transsemenic road from Resita to Stalina Timis. Next stop will be the Bigar waterfall, which if you asked us we would say it is a little bit overrated. At least the road till there is very fun to ride. After that we will head towards the Danube entering point in Romania. The road almost races the Danube, following the river’s course. After you pass Dubova , in the Mraconia gulf, you will see the statue of Decebal watching over the Danube. The area is full of hotels and guest houses where you could sleep over.

Day 2 we are going to head towards the famous Transalpina, the highest road in Romania. Before we get there, we will make a stop in Targu Jiu to admire some of the most prestigious works of the famous sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, like the endless column and the table of Silence. After that is full speed till Transalpina. The end of the day will find you in Sibiu, one of the most idyllic cities in the world.

Day 3 brings in our way another famous road , the Transfagarasan. Considered by many the best driving road in the world, the Transfagarasan is a must. However consider planning your trip here so that you don’t get to ride it during the weekend, when it’s very crowded. On the way through the Transfagarsan you will pass by the Balea waterfall, Balea Lake, the Capra waterfall and the Poienari Fortress. We recommend you make a stop and taste the local grilled trout. After the Transfagarsan another famous place is on our list, the Bran Castle. To get there we will ride trough the Rucar-Bran pass. After vising the so called Dracula’s castle in Bran, head towards Sighisoara, passing through Rasnov, Brasov and Rupea. The medieval old city center of Sighisoara will be the perfect place to enjoy a cold beer at the end of the day.

Day 4 will bring you new challenges and adventures. The Bicaz Gorges will amaze you with the gigantic rock on each side of the road and the hair pin curves.Next stop will be the TransRarau, a very new mountain road, that along the curvy road offers some stunning views. We recommend to make a short break at the Rarau cabin and admire the “Pietrele Doamnei” (The lady’s stones). After that there are still plenty of curves, twists and turns on the way. You will pass through the Mestecanis Pass and Bram Stoker’s Borgo Pass. You can catch your breath and have something to eat at the Dracul Castle Hotel in Piatra Fantanele. If you are a very big fan of Dracula’s story, you could follow the steps of Jonathan Harker and even stay for the night in the Golden Crown Hotel in Bistrita.

Day 5 is the last day of the tour, but this doesn’t mean it will be a dull day. From Bistrita you will head towards Cluj-Napoca, one of the most vibrant and fast-developing cities in Romania. After Cluj, next stop will be the Turda Salt mine, a giant amusement underground themed park. After you cooled down in the underground it’s time to head towards the old citadel of Alba-Iulia, the place where Romania was borned.The day will end where the tour started in Arad.

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