Total distance: 800km Riding days: 4

Dracula is one of the few things that people around the world know about Romania and Transylvania. We created this route for the fans that want to learn a little bit more about the real person on which it is told Bram Stoker created his novel’s character, Vlad The Impeler. So all the sites that we marked down for this route, are related to the so called blood thursty Vlad The Impaler.Keeping in mind the first need of a biker, great roads, we made this route to connect the tourist attractions related to Dracula by some of the best riding roads in Romania, like The Transfagarasan.
The route we created takes you through aprox 800km to 1370 km, depending on what do you want to see and which roads do you decide to the ride and it will take 4 to 6 days , the maximum distance traveled per day being 360km.

Things to see

PoienariFortressDay 1 would be one of the thoughest day, with a decent amount of kilometers, 350km to be exact, with a lot of time spent on the road. Besides the tourist atractions and the historical places that you wil see on the way, the Transfagarasan is the “main course” for this day.
You will leave Bucharest towards Targoviste, in order to visit the Chindia Tower. It’s a 80km ride through the Romanian plain, nothing fancy about it. If you have no interest in visiting the the Princely Court in Targoviste, you can skip this part and head directly towards Pitesti on A1 highway.
After Pitesti head towards the Transfagarasan road (DN7C) via Curtea de Arges. Just before reaching the Vidraru Dam, you will come across the stairs
that climb to the Poienari Fortress. Be carefull, the asphalt on this segment, till you reach Vidraru dam , it’s not the greatest.
After you caught your breath up high and watched over the moutains it’s time to get on the bikes, but not so fast. Make a quick stop at the dam to admire the lake. Next you are in for a treat. The road starts to climb the mountains and the hair pins start to unfold one by one, as you go higher on the mountain.
Just after you passed through the tunnel you will reach Balea Lake, which is a great place to make stop, to admire the view, grab something to eat, have a coffea break or shop for some souvenirs.
After that comes, what we think to be, the best part of the Transfagarasan, the descent towards Transylvania. You have aproximatively 30 km of winding road, hair pins, stunning views and pure enjoyment for any rider. The end stop for this day is Sibiu, one of the most pitoresque cities
in Romania, cultural capital in 2007, known as “Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live” by Forbes magazine.

Sighisoara Dracula bornhouseDay 2 it’s scheduled to be a more relaxed day, with fewer kilometers to ride, but still plenty of things to see. After a morning walk around the city, maybe visit some of the local atractions like Sibiu little square or Brukenthal museum we invite you to take the bikes for a ride towards
On the route we choose you will come across the fortified village of Biertan, one of the most important Saxon villages with fortified churches
in Transylvania, having been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1993.
Arriving in Sighisoara, as you pass the fortified walls, you would enter a realm of magic, riding your way on the cobblestones towards the centrepiece square makes you feel you are in a medieval fantasy world. Probably you are asking what is the relation to Dracula so far… Well,this Unesco-protected citadel guests the the birthplace of Vlad The Impaler. The ancient house of the Vlad Dracul family is situated on the Council tower square. The so called Dracula, Vlad Tepes, was probably borned in this house in 1431 and supposedly he lived here until the age of four. The best thing about it is that could even have a bloody marry or cafe here, cause the house has a nice small restaurant/caffe.
One of the best times to visit Sighisoara is during the medieval festival, which takes place usually at the end of July (29-31 July 2016). More
info about the festival can be found on

Day 3
It’s time to say goodbye to Sighisoara and it’s medieval atmosphere and head towards the best known place for Dracula’s fans , Bran Castle, known world wide as Dracula’s Castle. The route choosen brings you through the heart of Transylvania, riding on a country road from
Sighisoara and Fagaras. Be careful, the road conditions are not so great, but going this way you get to see the stunning fortress of Fagaras, considered by the Huffingtonpost as being the 2nd best castle in the world.
Leaving the fortress behind, you are one hour away from the famous Bran castle. The Bran Castle is located at the entrance to the Rucăr – Bran passage, on the road connecting Braşov to Câmpulung, overtowered by the peaks of the Bucegi and the Piatra Craiului Mountains. As you arrive in Tohanu Nou you will need to make a right turn and then the road will lead you to the castle. If you want you can spend the night in Bran, cause there are a hand full of pitoresque accomodations around or you can sleep in Brasov, an old city founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1211 on an ancient Dacian site. Brasov is home to one of the the narrowest streets in Europe.The Rope Street (Strada Sforii) is approximately four feet wide and it links Cerbului Street with Poarta Schei Street.


Snagov Monastery

Day 4 It’s time to head back to Bucharest. We are going to take a very well known road for the bikers, Cheia. (romanian for “The Key). This road is an alternative for the overcrowded DN1, Prahova Valley road, which is less traveled because of it’s twists and hair pins. The winding roads are the same reason for which the route is very popular in the bikers community.
The next stop on Dracula’s trail would be Snagov monastery, located aprox 40 km north of Bucharest. As you probably remember here is Vlad Ţepeş’ alleged grave.

Hotel Castle Dracula

Hotel Castle Dracula

2 Days Add-on
If you have some extra days and willing to make a 560km detour north from Sighisoara (Day 3), you could follow the route that Johathan Harker takes through Borgo Pass towards the alleged Dracula’s Castle. You can split these extra kilometers by doing in one day the trip from Sighisoara to Bistrita and Borgo Pass, sleep over the night at Castle Dracula Hotel and the second day head towards Bran and Brasov.



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