Total distance: 1000km Riding days: 4

If you ever read something about Romania, there is a big chance that you came across some of it’s castles. Also the romanian castles are quite popular in the so called castles rankings spread around the internet. That’s why we
thought it would be useful to make a route that helps you see the best Romanian castles, while riding some of the most beautiful back country roads. The route we planned will take you on a path of almost 1000km of history from
Arad to Bucharest. You will have 4 days of riding from historical place to another. Here is what the entire route will look like.

Things to see :

Day 1

We conceived this route as if you were coming from the west and you slept the night in Arad ( or Timisoara).

The first day will take you on a little more than 300km ride through centuries, from old archaeological times when the Roman empire was fighting to take over Dacia, to medieval ages, when castles and fortresses where defending the cities and event to more recent times to old royal family residences.

The tourist atractions that you are going to see, as you ride along on the first day, are :
The Royal Castle in Săvârşin
The medieval fortress of Deva
The Corvin Castle
Sarmisegetuza Regia
Alba Iulia citadel

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

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