Total distance: 1000km Riding days: 3

If you had enough riding on the mountain roads or maybe you just want to chill on the sunny beaches, then this route is for you. Besides the relaxing time, spend on the banks of the Black Sea, this route will help you discover one of Romania’s oldest region, Dobrogea. You will have 3 days of riding to enjoy the region. How many days you spend in any of the location on the way it’s up to you.

Things to see :


Day 1 will get you from Bucharest to Vama Veche, one of the most popular sea resorts from Romania. The resort attracts thousands of tourist with it’s hippie laidback atmosphere. Instead of taking the regular route on the highway , we propose a less traveled route with things to see and curves to lean on. From Bucharest leave towards Constanta on the highway A2, but take the exit at Lehliu-Gara and ride on DN3 towards Calarasi. Here go to the port and take the ferry to the other side of the Danube. Follow the DN3 road till you reach Adamclisi. On the way you will get to see the monastery of Dervent, one of the oldest religious building in the region and the roman Tropaeum Traiani monument in Adamclisi. After that take the national road 307 towards Negru Voda and Vama Veche. Make sure you have enough fuel , cause the area is kind of desereted the closest gas station that you will find is in Mangalia.


Day 2 After spending a day or more sunbathing or having a beer or two with the rockers in Vama Veche, it’s time to get going. Next stop on our route are the Dobrogea’s Gorges, but till there we will ride through all the sea side resorts, from Vama Veche to trendy Mamaia. It’s a good oportunity to see what is the vibe in each of them, although the traffic tends to be very heavy during the summer time. Arriving at the Dobrogea Gorges, you will ride through some of the oldest rocks in europe. The road has it’s twists and turns exactly through the middle of this thousands of years old rocks. Next stop on our way are two old fortresses Histria and Enisala. After embracing the old times, we are heading to the newest land territory in Europe, the Danube Delta. Murghiol is a village placed exactly on the outskirts of the delta. You realize that the delta is not the most friendly place for a bike, so if you want to experience this unique and amazing place, you will have to leave your bike on the mainland and take a boat ride either from Murghiol or from Tulcea. We advise you to take into consideration to spend at least to days in the Danube Delta.


Day 3 It’s time to head back to Bucharest,but before that we have to ride the roads surrounding the Macin mountains. Don’t expect to see some giant mountains, the Macin mountains have a top peak of 467m, being one of the oldest mountains in the region, still the roads here are curvy and fun to ride. On the way back, we will make a stop in Capidava, an important Geto-Dacian center on the right bank of the Danube. After the Roman conquest, it became a civil and military center, as part of the province of Moesia Inferior (later Scythia Minor), modern Dobruja.

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