One of our readers kept telling us about a great road to ride, that links Transylvania with Moldova, from Targu Secuiesc to Focsani. We were some years ago on that path, but the road conditions were terrible. Then, last year, the road from Ojdula to Tulnici got rebuilt. Because Targu Secuiesc and also Focsani are a little bit far from Bucharest it made more sense to either have a one night sleep somewhere nearby or ride this road when it is on our away from from a longer trip.

So on the 21-22 May weekend we were scheduled to go to Braila to attend a BMW Motorrad event. Braila being relatively close to Focsani, we thought that this would be a great opportunity to ride this road when we are coming back to Bucharest. Unfortunately other plans kept us from going. Saturday evening , while speaking with a biker friend we ended up speaking about the road from Ojdula. Next thing you know, Sunday morning we were meeting at a gas station, determined to make the whole 600+ km trip in the same day.

We left from Bucharest to Valenii de munte,PH. Nothing special about this part. At the gas station in Valenii de munte we met other bikers. The road from Valenii de munte to Brasov, DN1A is very popular among the bikers community, its twist and turns attract many riders especially during the weekend. Unfotunately, in recent years, the tarmac layer has been damaged by the heavy traffic, so the road conditions are far from being perfect.

After a short ride inside the city of Brasov we left from Targu Secuiesc. As we entered the first village in the so called Székely land, we were surrounded by Kürtőskalács flavours. As you go this parts, you will see it is very common, people to make and sale this spit cake specific to Hungarian-speaking regions in Romania. You should absolutely try it, it’s delicious.


Next stop…Targu Secuiesc. We looked for a restaurant to eat something and found a perfect traditional place in the center of the town. The menu was full of surprises from which we were very impressed by the cherry soup and the traditional Székely porc barbeque.IMG_20160522_155914182 After we ate , it was time to fill out also our bike tanks and head over the “famous” by now, road.

As we entered Ojdula village we noticed a fresh layer of tarmac winding through the houses. This felt promising. When we exit the village towards the mountain, things started to look even better. The road climbs on the mountain through a forest giving you the impression you are riding in a tunnel. The road have wide open curves and the tarmac is in great conditions. We had a big smile inside our helmets. The road goes like this for almost 50km. Almost at the peak of the mountain, we met a big group of bikers. They told us that since it was rebuilt the road is like a playground for the local riders, the car traffic being very light. We were so loving this road that we forgot to stop in Lepsa to visit the Putna waterfall 🙂


After Lepsa and Tulnici, the road became kind of dull, the road descending till Focsani. It became so dull, that one of the bikes decided to make the ride more interesting by overheating. It was a good opportunity to have a coffee break. From Focsani to Bucharest it was a very very long ride, or at least so it seemed. Tiredness caught up with us and so did the night. Around 9pm we arrived in Bucharest, tired but very pleased with the ride we made.

Hereunder you can see our route :

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