This road crosses through one of the oldest regions in Romania, Dobrogea. The area was once covered by the Black Sea and by coral reefs and now has a very spectacular landscape. Taking this road you will have the chance to ride through million years old spectacular rock formations, visit old genovese and byzantine fortresses and reach the boundry of the Danube Delta.The road is a very relaxing one, with open curves, passing on the sunflowered hills of Dobrogea.

The Dobrogea Gorges are some of the oldest rock formations in Europe, with limestones dating back to Mesozoic period.  The Enisala Fortress , also known as Heracleea Fortress, is the last medieval fortress in Dobrogea. First certified in 1270, the fortress dominates the hill near Enisala village, being built on the highest point located between lakes Babadag and Razim, overlooking over Lake Razim and the Babadag forest. Histria or Istros , was a Greek colony or polis (city) near the mouths of the Danube (known as Ister in Ancient Greek), on the western coast of the Black Sea. Histria is derived from the Latin word “Hister”, meaning “Danube”, the river the city was located near, and “-ia”, a suffix added to a word to signify that it was a location or place, as in Gallia or Iberia. Altogether Histria means “On the Danube”, “Located near (or by) – The Danube”. It was the first urban settlement on Romanian territory when founded by Milesian settlers in the 7th century BC. It was under Roman rule from the 1st to 3rd centuries AD. Invasions during the 7th century AD rendered it indefensible, and the city was abandoned. The Danube Delta(Delta Dunării) is the newest patch of land in Europe, thousands tons of sand being brought yearly by the Danube before it reaches the Black Sea. Although the delta is not the most motorcycles friendly place, we encourage you to plan a trip here, while you are riding in Romania. It really is an unique place worth visiting once in a lifetime.

How to get there : from Constanta head towards Mihail Kogalniceanu on DN2A and make a right turn towards Tragusor-Cheia on DJ222, till the village of Gradina. After that takeon DJ226 towards Tariverde and Istria. From Istria ride to Mihai-Viteazu – Jurilovca (DJ222) – Enisala – Macin -Isacce – Tulcea – Murghiol

Road conditions : the road conditions vary, having segments of very good tarmac (especially on the european/national roads) , with segments that are a little worse on the backcountry roads.

Type of road : Hill roads combined with coastal roads

What to see : Dobrogea Gorges, Histria Fortress , Enisala Fortress, Danube Delta

video:youtube/2 Wheeled Painters

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