This road is one of the most populars bike roads in the central part of Romania. It’s the very tight turns and the hair pins, plus the easy access from Bucharest that make the road popular among the bikers community.Being an alternative to the heavy traffic Prahova Valley DN1 road, between Ploiesti and Brasov, this road might get crowded, you could come across many trucks on the way. We suggest you ride it during the weekend, when less trucks are traveling.Some other useful tips we can give you is regarding the gas stations on the way, there are none on the Brasov –Lake Maneciu segment, so you better fill up the tank either in Brasov or Valenii de Munte. If you are looking for a short break to grab something to eat, Il Refugio restaurant near Sacele is a very bikers friendly place. Probably you will meet other bikers here and make new friends.

How to get there : from Bucharest you will ride on DN1 till Ploiesti and afterwards head towards Valenii de munte, Cheia , on DN1A. From Brasov you need to follow the road signs towards Bucharest via Valenii de munte, Ploiesti (DN1A).

Road conditions : Due to the heavy trucks driving on it, the road has many bumpy areas and also maintenance works are usually ongoing.

Type of road : mountain serpentines

What to see : Brasov

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