To reach this road you will need to arrive in the city of Calarasi and take the ferry boat towards Ostrov. (no need to pass the border in Silistra, Bulgaria). On this side of the Danube you will find a road full of wide curves that crosses the yellow rape or sunflower fields. On the way you can make a stop and visit the Dervent Monastery , one of the oldest religious places in Romania, with istorical records dating back to Dioclețian (285-305).Another interesting place to stop is Adamclisi. In ancient times, a roman castrum named Civitas Tropaensium was settled here and in 109 AD a monument named Tropaeum Traiani was built to commemorate the Roman Empire’s victories over the Dacians. After you leave the main road and ride towards Negru Voda, the traffic will
become extremely light. Regarding the road conditions the tarmac is very good on the Ostrov-Ion Corvin- Adamclisi segment. After you head to the south, you will ride old back country roads, so be prepared for everything.

How to get there : after arriving in Calarasi take the ferry boat towards Silistra, but on the romanian bank. Afterwards head on DN3 towards Ostrov – Adamclisi.

Road conditions: average to good road conditions

Type of road : hill roads

What to see : Dervent Monastery, Tropaeum Traiani Adamclisi, Black Sea Resorts

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