Tihuta pass or Borgo Pass is located in the north part of the country, making it possible to cross the Bârgău mountains from Moldavia to Transylvania. The pass is located at 1201m, between Măgura Calului peak(1229m) Piatra Fântânele mountain(1067m).  This road has been built first between 1812-1817 at the initiative of the Council of War of the Austro-Hungarian Army. In 1969 the road was first paved and afterwards asphalted. Usually the traffic on the road is quite crowded, you might get stuck behind trucks on the way, but fortunately there aren’t many villages on the course of the road, so the crusing speed is acceptable. The road conditions are very good, the asphalt being in optimal shape. The road is twisty, having many wide curves that will put a smile on your face. Make sure you don’t get caugh up in the moment and forget to stop and admire the beautiful views.

Besides the beautiful winding road , the stunning views and the fresh and clean air, the road brings also a mistique atmosphere. If you are a Dracula’s fan, you are in for a treat. There are two significant places which play an important part in Stoker’s novel DRACULA: the town of Bistritz (the German spelling that Stoker uses, Bistrita in Romanian) and the Borgo (Birgau) Pass. In the novel, Harker leaves Bistritz and heads eastward on the road that linked Transylvania with Bucovina (Moldavia), still the main route today through the eastern range of the Carpathian Mountains. Even though Stoker has never been to Transylvania, the similarities are quite striking. So, when you reach Piatra Fantanele, you will come across Hotel Castle Dracula. It has to be said that the hotel has been built to resemble Bram Stoker’s description. The hotel is located at aprox. 7km from the pass. Another stop that we recomend to make is at Lake Colibita. For this you will need to make a small detour from the main road,on DJ173A for aprox.10km, but it’s worth it. Here you will find a quiet retreat, where you can have a tasty launch with a view.

How to get there : To get here you will need to ride on DN17(E58) either from Vatra Dornei towards Bistrita or the other way around.

Road conditions: good road conditions

Type of road : mountain roads

What to see : Hotel Castle Dracula,  Borgo Pass, Lake Colibita

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