We tought it would be a waste to go from Baia Mare to Sighetu Marmatiei and Sapanta and get back on the same road. That’s why we made this route look more like a circuit style. The first part from Baia Mare to Sighetul Marmatiei, through the Gutâi mountains will give you a lot of twists and turns to make you smile. If that doesn’t happen, then for sure the merry cemetery in Sapanta will put a smile on your face. Although the Gutâi pass has only 987m altitude the views are impressive. The highest peak is Gutâiul Mare ( “The big Gutâi) with 1447m. while the best known, due to it’s more dramatic rocky look,  is Creasta Cocosului (“The rooster’s crest”).

Leaving the mountains and coming down to Sighetu Marmatiei, you will find a nice, quiet , border city that holds some dark secrets. Here in this city you will find, in an old prison, The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance. Here is where some of the  communism opponents found their end being tortured and beaten to death.

Next stop will be Săpânța, exactly what we needed to cheer us up. Here you will find a cemetery like no other :). The last part of the trip offeres

How to get there : From Baia Mare leave head east towards Baia Sprie and follow the national road on DN18 till Sighetu Marmatiei. After that head west towards Sapanta and Certeze on national road DN19. When you reach the village of “Orasu Nou” head south towards Seini and Baia Mare.

Road conditions: road conditions should be great, the Baia Sprie – Sighetu Marmatiei segment has just been rebuilt. There might be some works ongoing close to Mara.

Type of road : mountain roads

What to see on the way or around : The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance , The merry cemetery of Sapanta

the road from Sighet towards Certeze:

video:youtube/Romania on two wheels

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