If you are heading to the south-western part of Romania, than this is a road that you should definetly take. The road has almost 63km of twisting asphalt that goes across the Semenic mountains.The TransSemenic road has been finished in 2014, so we could say this is a new road. This means that the road conditions are very good and also that it is less traveled, not many people knowing about it.

How to get there : You can either enter on the road from Resita, or from E70 near Slatina-Timis city.

Road conditions: fairly good , you may come across new asphalt patches from place to place.

Road type: mountain road, through forest

Altitude: From 250m to 1000m

What to see on the way or around: Ponton Casa Baraj , 3 Ape lake

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