The Transbucegi is a newly made road, that isn’t exactly a “trans” road, cause it doesn’t pass over the mountains, but instead is just ends close to the top. Riding this road gives you to chance to get as close as possible to “Babele” and “The Sphinx” on two wheels. From where the asphalt ends , if you are not riding an ADV bike, you will have to walk for almost an hour , less than 4km, but the view it’s worth it. 

How to get there : Going from Sinaia towards Targoviste on DN71 , after aproximatively 9km , make a right turn on DJ713 when you the street sign towards Hotel Pestera

Road conditions: great road conditions , new tarmac layer

Type of road : mountain road

Altitude : From 990m to 1925m

What to see on the way or around : The Sphinx, Peles Castle

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