Bigar Waterfall is one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in the world that attracts numerous tourists thanks to its unique appearance. Knowing that riding is as much about the road you take as they things you get to see on the way, we marked this road having in mind the waterfall as a center piece. Unlike more roaring falls, this waterwork flows over the apex of a fat, rounded stone, and is diverted into a sheet of countless small streams that issue from the bottom of the stone which juts out over the basin below. A moss-covered cliff and an underground water spring combine to create this beautiful and unique piece of nature. Although the waterfall is between Oravita and Bozovici, we encourage you to go on with the road towards Baile Herculane.

How to get there: You can access the DN57B road either starting from Oravita city , either from Baile Herculane following E70 road and making a left turn close to Plugova.

Road conditions : asphalt is fairly good

Type of road : hills and low mountains

What to see : Bigar Waterfall

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