Riding this road you will come across the Turnu Roşu Pass, which connects Vâlcea county (Wallachia) and Sibiu county (Transylvania). The pass was formed by the Olt river flowing southwards from Transylvania to Wallachia through the Southern Carpathians. The Olt valley is one of the oldest routes , starting from ancient Dacia, having both a military -strategic and commercial role , linking together the Danube and Transylvania. Due to this importance, a special ancient police task force has been created , having their head quarters at Arutela fortress, near Calimanesti.

How to get there : From Sibiu, head south , following the indicators for Ramnicu Valcea, E81. If you are coming from Ramnicu Valcea , you need to head north , following the indicators for Sibiu, DN7/E81, via Calimanesti, Caciulata, Cozia.

Road conditions: the tarmac is quite good, but you may encounter working area , new asphalt patches that might render the road bumpy and even land slides or falling rocks , so stay focused and be cautious.

Road type : defile, gorges.

Altitude : from 235 to 431m

What to see on the way or around:  Cozia national Park , Cozia Monastery , Arutela Fortress


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