La cazane is where the Carpathians meet the Danube and form a spectacular defile.The Danube contracts between the tall stone walls and the strong currents giving you the impression that the water is boiling. The 9 km-long defile is a true spectacle of nature and from one end to the other you can see heavenly sceneries and historic relicts of over 2000 years old. The road that crosses the defile is bordered on one side by the fast waters of the Danube and on the other side by abrupt hills. You can check in at one of many pitoresque pensions placed on the shore of the river and then you can start exploring the Cazane.

As you leave Drobeta Turnu-Severin for Orsova, just when you pass by Gura Vaii the landscape starts to unveil as the road follows the Danube’s flow .

Cazanele Mici and Cazanele mari are the most impresive part of this road.This is the place where the Danube has it’s smallest width in Romania: 180m. As you pass Eselnita, after some turns,on the right side , in Mraconia golf the statue of Decebal watches over the river’s bay. If you want to get a closer look, just before you pass the bridge over the golf’s entrance, there is a road on the right.

You can admire the tallest stone statue in Europe – Decebal’s face, 55 m in height and 25 m in width, sculpted in the rocky shore of the Danube. The sculpture is only 6 meters smaller than the Statue of Liberty and was built in the place where the Danube reaches the depth of 120 m. It took 12 artists 10 years, from 1994 to 2004, to sculpt the statue.

Decebal’s face rises in front of Tabula Traiana, a 2000 years old memorial stone marking the victory of the Roman Empire over Dacia in 105.

How to get there : the easiest way is to head towards Orsova either from Drobeta Turnu-Severin or from Baile Herculane. The other way around is to come from Oravita towards Moldova Noua via DN57.

Road conditions : the road is in good conditions but it might get bumpy from time to time also you may encouter zones where works are underway.

Type of road : costal road through mountains

What to see : Decebal Rock Sculpture


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