This road gives you the chance to ride along Cerna’s valley through Domogled-Cerna National Park. The first part of the road , coming from Baile Herculane, is a little bit rough in terms of road conditions with a lot of bumps and new asphalt patches, but after aproximately 30km there is a major improvement. The road is not very used, so traffic is scarce. Till you reach Baia de Arama you have enough twists and turns to put a big smile on your face.

How to get there : From E70 road, go towards Baile Herculane . If you are coming from Targu Jiu, on follow the signs towards Baia de Arama.

Road conditions: fairly good, with a lot of potholes and bumps in the first 30km coming from Baile Herculane

Road type: River valley with high hills


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