It’s already April and besides two trips to the racetrack, we haven’t taken any serious road trips. So, for the first time in 2016, we manage to sync our schedules and go for a one day getaway. The lineup was: one CBR 600RR, one XJ6 Diversion F, one Z750, one Z800, one ZX10R and one ZZR.
We chose an easy route, not to far from Bucharest, but enough to shake off all the rust we’ve picked during the winter and have a great time.

We agreed to go to Brasov, riding through Siriu Valley and get back to Bucharest till sundown, via Cheia, two of the best known roads for the local riders community. All said and done till we make the first refill stop. Change of plans, we decide to go first on Cheia and come back on Siriu. Apparently it was easier for the sporty guys this way 🙂

We had a blast going on Cheia, although the road conditions weren’t perfect (we encounter some road works on the way), but we had a great time. We stopped just before Sacele to eat something at Il Refugio, a very known place in the bikers community. After the “who was last” eternal jokes we parted for Brasov, Siriu.

In Brasov we chose different routes, which meant that we got lost :), but we manage to meet again at the exit towards Gheorgheni. The road on the valley of Siriu was so pleasant, perfect weather, sunny with probably 20 degrees , and the traffic was really light. We enjoyed meeting with other riders close to the Siriu dam. After taking a short break there, we rode till Ploiesti. We got back in Bucharest around 7pm, just when people were getting back home from their jobs. 🙂

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