Although we have some Rossi and Marquez wannabes in our crew, we haven’t spent a lot of time on the racetrack. So at the start of the season there was an event held by a local racing school (Motoevolution Raching School) at the Motorpark Romania track in Adancata.

Since it was 60km away from Bucharest and it was just the beginng of the season, we thought it would be a great chance to stretch our muscles a little bit. We decided to take our Z750 and Z800 to the track for the first time.

The ride till the circuit was dreadful, no sun on the sky, high winds that made you bounce on the road and a little bit more than 10 degrees C. We were thinking to give up when we pulled off at the gas station near the circuit. Since we already made the ride here, we thought let’s give it a shot, at least on session on the track.

We enrolled ourselves in the 1000cc novice category. We were given a proper instruction of the rules on the circuit, even a short test to confirm we understood what we have been shown afterwards we started stipping down parts from our bikes 🙂  After some power tape abuse on the bikes, we were ready to go. In the paddock we noticed some ADV riders with bikes la VStrom, Multistrada and KTM Adventure…We were kind of laughing inside our helmet, thinking that these guys were in the wrong place. They weren’t , they gave us a really good lesson that it doesn’t matter what are you riding, while you do it right and with passion.

The track session was a real joy, although we were the last ones, we had a real good time learning the circuit. We had only small incident that made us feel alive 🙂 Lap by lap confidence was increasing and so the top speed on the straight line. We learned almost the hard way that once you increase your top speed, you need to adapt also your braking point 🙂 But it was good, no harm done, just a short exit from the tarmac.

If you are riding in Romania and feel the need for speed in a safe environment, we recommend the Motorpark Romania race track from Adancata and also the event organized at the track by Motoevolution Racing School.

Hereunder you can see two options for reaching the race track from Bucharest.

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