It was a typical summer morning, with temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius. I was meeting Gabriel, who recently bought the new Z800 to take on the Tranfagarasan. We were very eager to get there, so after we filled our tanks we left really quick on the A1 towards Pitesti. After passing through Pitesti, which can be tricky, the car drivers in this city having a bad reputation 🙂 , we went for Curtea de Arges.

We were starting to get near the mountains, but there was nothing really impressive. We were riding through a hilly area with villages quiet poor.The only thing that kept us believing we were on the right track, were the other bikers that we met on the road. The tarmac wasn’t very good, also some animals were crossing the street…i would advise to stay focused in that area.

After passing the village of Arefu, the road starts to climb through the forest. Just after you pass the stairs that leave to Poienari fortress (on the right), after some twists and turns you will reach Vidraru lake and Dam. We stopped to take some pictures and admire the views. We even climbed on top to get a better picture of the Prometeu’s statue. Here we met a very nice group of riders from Poland, that just descended from Transfagarasan and they were very excited with some big smiles on their faces.

We left, riding for another almost 40km through the forest , having the lake on the left side. The road on this segment was in good conditions, with nice open curves and some kind of wide hairpins. After passing the Transfagarasan camping, things got serious. The road starts to climb, throwing some nice curves in front of us. In about 5km we were completely amazed. The views are stunning, the winding road is even better. It really puts a big smile on your face and makes you speak by yourself. We had to stop and take some pictures. The place feels like a motorcycles pilgrimage site, riders are going up and down the mountain, every where you stop, there would be other riders taking photos of the beautiful landscape.

We advise you to plan your trip during the weekdays, cause in the last years the road has a gain a massive popularity and during the weekend it’s packed with cars , tourist buses and of course bikers. Traffic jams will ruin your photos and probably you joy of being there.

After we passed the big tunnel at the top, we stopped at Balea Lake to grab something to eat and see what people were selling. There is a kind of mini market in which you could find different traditional souvenirs. The temperatures here really drop like 10-15 degrees compared to what you got at the base of the mountain. From Balea lake we still had another 30 minutes of fun winding roads, passing by the Balea waterfall.

At the intersection with E68 road, we made a right turn towards Fagaras. If you are a fan of medieval times, we suggest you to make a stop at the beautiful Fagaras fortress. This time we only stopped at the gas station. After that we head towards Brasov and back to Bucharest. We only made a stop to eat in Predeal.

Of course it wasn’t just an easy ride all the way. As we left Brasov, one of the bikes stalled. We manage to restart it, but we couldn’t figure out what was the problem. After we ate in Predeal things got worse, the bike engine had this really short, intermittent, interruptions and stop all the way at low revs. We thought there was an issue with the spark plugs, since they had been on the bike for almost 20.000km, but there wasn’t much to do. We managed to get home like this and after a thorough inspection, the next day we saw that one of the battery cable was loose and the connector was rusty. Although it kind of spoiled the rest of the trip, we were really lucky to have this incident, after we ride the beautiful road of Transfagarsan.

Check out the route we took, hereunder:

(if google maps doesn’t draw a straight line from Bascov to Cartisoara on the Transfagarsan, it means the road is currently closed)

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