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Who ?
We are a crew of motorcycles enthusiasts based in Bucharest, that beside the love for two wheels share the love for the freedom of the open roads.You could find us supporting the doctor at the race track (or MM93 or JL99 or whoever…we always end up fighting about this) or taking pictures at the launch of a new model.But most of the time you will find us in Romania . If there is a moto event, meeting , race, trackday, etc… you’ll probably bump into us.

After riding the best known routes in Romania we started exploring the less ridden ones. Doing this wasn’t easy, because there was scarce information about them and usually we had either to dive head first in “uncharted” teritory or reach out to local riders for info regarding the road conditions. Wanting to share our experiences and provide to other riders the access to this info we started at the beginning of 2015, which is basically a moto-routes database. Unfortunately when we made the website, we thought only about our fellow romanian riders, so we made the site in romanian…

So now, after one year and more than 20.000km around the country, we want to make it right to our fellows outside Romania that have emailed us asking for advices and route tips for riding in Romania.
We want to make Ride Romania a valuable resource for all the riders that are interested in coming to Romania for an epic moto trip. We want to share with you the beauty of this country and make you understand why coming to Romania is a great idea. Also we try to provide you all the aspects that you need to take into account like riding rules, best times to visit certain areas, what to avoid etc., in order to have a pleasant experience.

Here you can see how the first year was for our crew :

Hope you find our website useful.Don’t hesitate to drop us an email for any question or suggestion.

Ride safe and enjoy every moment of it!

If you have ridden in Romania, let us know how it was.You can send us your pictures and write about your experiences riding in Romania. We will feature them on our website. #rideRomania